Studio van Diepen is a content-driven design studio specialized in information design.
The studio was founded by Amsterdam-born and Los Angeles-based, Boudewijn van Diepen.

Here is what Studio van Diepen has to offer.

The power of visualizing
Our brain predominantly processes information visually. That's why visualized information is dozens of times more likely to be read or seen. Studio van Diepen masters the ability to turn complex text, data, and ideas into alluring visualizations.
Reducing complexity, creating clarity
Creating clarity out of complexity is what Studio van Diepen loves doing. Clarity results in well-informed readers, longer lasting understanding of information, and therefore better decision making.
Storytelling with data
Teaching, persuading, and engaging audiences are best done through a captivating and comprehensive story. Studio van Diepen translates a multitude of mixed data into such a visual story.
Strategic partner on a meta level
What kind of problems should the infographic solve? What kind of results do you want the infographic to have? Studio van Diepen can tackle these kind of questions with you, helping you maximize the effects and impact of your story.
Strong international network
Studio van Diepen operates within a strong international network of other professionals that complement each other in both knowledge and skill sets. Studio van Diepen arranges flexible teams and creates custom solutions, similar to what a full-size design studio offers.
A proven track record of satisfied clients
Studio van Diepen is proud of a proven track record with satisfied clients ranging from large corporate agencies and government institutions to creative start-ups and non-profit organizations, bringing all of them closer to their goals.

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  • '18 De Gouden Zandloper. Nomination.
  • '16 Het Parool. Multiple publications.
  • '15 nrc-media. Multiple publications.
  • '12 Amsterdam Noir. Publication.
  • '12 Infographic of the year. Nomination.
  • '12 Fontanel young talents. Publication.
  • '12 Fontanel young talents. Selected.
  • '12 Het Parool. Publication.
  • '12 BAB Competition. Bahrein. 3th prize winner.
  • '09 North Sea Jazz Festival poster competition. Selected.
  • '08 Nederland Leest book cover competition. Nomination.
  • '08 Roze Week Festival poster competition. Nomination.


Studio van Diepen LLC
2040 Whitley Ave
LA, CA 90068, USA

+1 (310) 200-4892